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We solve emergency drain repairs quickly and safely. Call us today


At Blockbuster Drain Services, we believe in taking care of our customers. That's why we provide one of the fastest drain unblocking and drain repair services on the market, so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.


Our team of drain experts are dedicated to providing you with a quality service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly when you need us, whether you're experiencing a blockage or just have questions about how to keep your drains in good shape.


We understand that drains are part of your everyday life—they're the gateway for all of your waste and wastewater. It's important that they stay clean and clear so that you don't have to worry about any issues with them.


When you call Blockbuster Drain Services, we'll send an expert out right away to assess the situation and give you an estimate on how long it will take to fix it. If there is anything we can do before coming out to help prevent future problems, we'll let you know! And if there's no way around having us come out right away, then we'll make sure that happens quickly too—so call us today.

Call our service team for all emergency drain clearance requests.

  • How much does a drain cleaning cost?
    Several factors can affect the overall cost of a drain cleaning. This cost can include the size of the property, the time since the last drain cleaning and the overall condition of the drains. Blockbuster Drain Services offers our clients the most competitive drain cleaning and unblocking quotes possible.
  • There is a foul odour coming from my drain. Do I need a drain cleaning?
    In all likelihood, a foul odour is a signal you require a drain cleaning. This odour can be anything from a blockage to rotting food. A foul smell is usually the first sign that your drains are close to becoming blocked. Some other signals that mean you may require drain cleaning are slow-draining plugs and a gurgling sign coming from the pipes.
  • What is your emergency response time?
    We’ll do our utmost to respond as quickly as possible to emergencies like overflowing drains. We can respond within 24 hours for other issues like overflowing blockages. On the phone, our customer service agents will give you an estimate of when your team should arrive on your property.
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